Sunday, 1 August 2010

Another letter In the Evening Gazette

Our local paper is running a campaign into our regions identity crisis.

Museo del Acero, Monterrey, Mexico, where Grimshaw restored a derelict 1960s blast furnace .
Dear Editor
With 96% of the people who responded to the Gazette’s campaign into the regions identity crisis saying we should be proud of our industrial heritage, I believe this shared industrial heritage is the main reason why we should have a united name. Several of the world’s proud iron - making communities have saved their redundant blast furnaces and turned them into museums and leisure parks. It’s perhaps too early to talk about turning our last remaining blast furnace into a tourist attraction, but our council shouldn’t be spending millions of pounds on a tower until they have. We shouldn’t just be telling the world where we are, we should also be telling the world who we are.

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